the above just one of the Trump videos that enlightened the Lockdown

A big hug from Texas.. Apologies for disappearing for weeks. I gave out grades yesterday and am finally, more or less, done for the semester. It was crazy getting everything online! It took so much work it was unbelievable. I essentially worked straight through, no days off, for about three and half weeks. After that I just let my standards slide; I was too tired for words. And the students don't make it easy on us. Very few show up for Zoom lectures and no one watches taped lectures until right up against the exam when they binge watch. Dreadful.

On the bright side, I have as many as five different crews of Mexicans repairing the roof, cleaning and staining the redwood siding, and doing assorted other repairs, on a daily basis. Of course they are all outside. I ask them daily if they have a fever or a cough. They keep me company and I am helping the local economy. Don't remember whether I told you but I finally found a general contractor to run the whole operation, for an 18% fee of course. But I think he more than earns it. Besides, I couldn't get anyone to bid on anything. The town has grown so much, there is so much new construction going on, no one bothers with repairs. He builds houses and keeps the various contractors occupied so they cannot turn him down. In all, this is costing a fortune and it is not even a remodel, just repairs! I'll never retire at this rate, especially with the gyrations in the stock market. As you can tell, I am not going to lose any sleep over this. In fact I was losing sleep over not being able to get everything repaired.

I have kept my sanity by doing yoga almost daily. Twice a week I attend a live yoga session on Zoom. I got everyone organized. It is with my school friends who all went to the Bahamas last November. Remember I told you about that trip? One of them is a physician but she no longer practices medicine; she gave it up to become a yoga instructor. Fabulous. She is awesome. 

I have brunch on Sundays with the friends I see at the opera, also via Zoom. And every now and then I have a glass of wine with one or more friends via Skype or Zoom. All this digital social life keeps me from going bananas.

They lifted the lock down in Texas a week ago. Of course there is no plan to test, do contact tracing, isolate, nothing. Our republican governor takes his marching orders from the moron in the white house, whose sole concern is restarting the economy in hopes of getting reelected. We are so used to the daily death tally in the 2,000 to 2,500 range it is no longer headline news. No one would have believed that by early May the death toll would be 76,000+ yet here we are. I go grocery shopping once every two weeks and stay home otherwise. Oh, and I go for walks around the neighborhood. This is suburbia so I don't come anywhere close to other people. I think I know what the new normal will look like. Most young people at the grocery store were in groups, with friends not family, and not wearing masks. The old folks like me were all covered with masks and eye protection. So I guess the Millennials will take out the Baby Boomers! My friends in Santiago tell me the same things is happening there.

The numbers in Spain are pretty horrid too. At the rate we are going, I think we will eventually top the charts in deaths per 1 million in the population, unless Brazil and Russia keep doing nothing and catch up to us. France is about to relegate Spain to fourth place on total deaths! Boris is trying to do a good job after his scare. Too bad our narcissist in chief didn't get the virus early on when he took no precautions. Oh well.

So that's my report for now. My plan for the next week is to work through a mountain of laundry, get in touch with everyone I have neglected since mid March, and supervise all those Mexicans!

- A report from a Chilean / American Economics professor at a Texan University 7/5/2020


We have now spent some 14 days in self isolation.
It seems personal distance and self isolation are the only way to stop this Chinese virus. 
We are told the Michigan virus peak should hit Michigan in two weeks.  What a mess!  We can go for walks and today I will go out and pick up Chinese food for lunch.  Many folks buying their groceries through the mail:  Amazon.com or Instacart.com.  Same day delivery.
We have food to last 30 days. 

Told the kids they are not allowed to come over any more.  Just to dangerous.  In the US people are equal to dogs( a refernce to the fact that at this time only people with dogs were allowed outside in Spain) and we are allowed to go out for a walk.  The World has changed forever.

words from a friend in Michigan 1/4/2020





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