Mike & Val Lawson

locked down in Maulden, Bedfordshire


We are both well, thanks, and playing some online bridge. I’ve never played online before, but its good to be able to do it 
while we are spending so much more time at home.    Interested to see your blog and where everyone is locked down. I wouldn’t 
mind being locked down in Peru as I’d like to do some more travelling in South America. But on second thoughts it is better to
 be locked down where you mainly live and where your family and relatives live.    My youngest son regularly comes round with
 his children and we walk down to the park (keeping social distancing of course). And we have had excellent summer weather 
since mid-April which makes lockdown a lot more bearable.    A common sight these days is to see a group of people standing in
 front of a house talking to their family or friends through the window or front door as they can’t go inside. And because so
 many people are working from home they have more time to do odd jobs like car-washing and gardening. So lots of clean cars 
and tidy gardens around!

M L 21/5/2020
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His grandchildren with Val - before lockdown! Mike winning the Triples at Maulden Bowls Club . His local church, St Mary's

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