Manny Kleyman


Sonia and I are getting on fine, we are still speaking albeit, through Solicitors! Only kidding. We went out for dinner last week, we met friends on the Arenal this morning, Lockdown 65, and had coffee with them. I have caught up with all my paperwork, first time since I started in Accountancy which was in 1956/57. The feeling is amazing. Now I'm looking for things to do, but not too strenuously.

The Internet is a life saver. I read, and I managed to finish a very difficult JigSaw, which I have started and put away at least 3 times, because it was in the way. The most difficult, although not the biggest, since I started them about 70 years ago. I used to be able to read a paperback of up to 300 pages in a day. Once I started, I would not put it away until I'd finished. Not anymore, I get bored, frustrated, whatever, and after 20 pages I want to do something else. Bridge online is a must, and I've found a section on Bridge Base that has different levels, and you can check where you went wrong. And I try every, Crossword, Soduko, and other quizzes that I can find. Then we have Whatsapp, and emails, I'm not into Facebook, although, apparently, I have zillions of friends on it. It's interesting how the 'Zillion' has become part of the language. When I was growing up, a Zillion years ago, you rarely heard the word Billions, and I'm not certain that there were any Billionaires at that time. Contact with friends, family, acquaintances, have all helped. I've tried to keep in contact with many of the members of JSBSC who live on their own. Especially Pety and Vera. I think that the fact that the weather has been poor, unreliable, has helped. Hot, sunny days, cooped up in a Flat, albeit with a large Terrace, would have been much harder.

M K 18/5/2020

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