Europe 28/5/2020

The Abruzzo region has rewritten the rules of amateur football to equip it for the Covid age: no man-marking, no tackling and no spitting on the ground.

The detailed instructions were signed by the regional president, Marco Marsilio, to prepare for the gradual reopening of amateur clubs.- 12/6/2020

Belgium 14/6/2020


Live classical music has returned to Berlin for the first time since lockdown as the city’s largest opera house staged Wagner’s Das Rheingold in its car park.

In a taste of what cultural life may look like for some time Deutsche Oper Berlin’s orchestra was reduced from 80 musicians to 22 and the audience was limited to 175 people. - 15/6/2020


A view of the world's over reaction to Covid 19 from the French philosopher Bernard-Henri Lévy - 26/7/2020

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