Lockdown, commencing 15/3/2020 , ending??

Spain was put under Lockdown on 15/3/2020 due to the Covid 19 virus, that had originated in Wuhan, China, in late December.It had been hushed up there for a couple of weeks{ a young ENT doctor who tried to raise the alarm was threatened with his livelihood if he persisted with 'false rumours': sadly he subsequently died from the virus}. Wuhan was subsequently locked down completely for a couple of months, but not before the coronavirus had spread world wide. In Spain every one was forbidden to go outside even for a short walk unless they had a dog. I was lucky here to be  on an urbanization of 14 houses, ours the only one occupied during Lockdown!  So could make use of the communal garden and pool: 5 walking laps around the pool, 8 minutes, several times a day gave me some exercise, and I also started braving the pool once it got to 19 degrees - by May 6th it was a balmy 24 !. After Lockdown 49 though we were allowed outside in the street too, special time slots, 10-12 and 7-8, for the golden oldies. Most surpising of all, I learnt to play bridge online ( with BBO) and really enjoyed it, playing 2 hour sessions up to 5 times a week with Maria and Bill. The best lockdown weapon was a sense of humour, and counting off the days: it's Lockdown 54 as I am writing this

David did a 10 week Epidemiology course with Hongkong University - completed in 4days & was free!! There never seemed to be enough time in the day, especially after Day 49 with all those walks we felt we had to do !! We never quarrelled: at the first sign of a disagreement one of us would smile and say ' I have to live with you for a while yet!' and that ended that!!

We were only allowed out to shop or go the chemist with one person in the car, so I ventured to Mercadona every 10 days and, in between, David went to Pepe la Sal, disposed of the rubbish and visited Letters R Us . One queued when necessay everywhere with a 2 metre gap between people, and used sanitizer and donned flimsy disposable gloves in the supermarkets

lo23 lo24 lo20 lo13 lo25
For the first month of lockdown the weather was gloomy: I used to walk from one end of the urbanisation to the other

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lo-1 lo18 lo17 lo15 lo-3
Some of the notices in Pepe's. Once the sun shone I enjoyed my laps around the pool. Celebrating my birthday
lo4 lo5 lo26 lo27 lo10
with a Pepe cake on the balcony, then Tapas by the pool: the sun shone there till 6.30. . Social distancing at Mercadona checkouts. . . . Serenity on the balcony
lo11 lo12 lo13 lo14
Then the water reached 19 and I could, just, get in! Really enjoyed the beauty of the plants around the pool
lo29 mor36
lo2 lo32 loc34 loc33 loc35
. . . Frequent road blocks. David stopped once & they checked the time on his till receipt! . . . . . . . . . .Rearranged the dining room and scrounged a rose each week! . Super clean Boyzz learnt to count their days encarcerated





lo6 lo7 lo8 lo9
As well as following the stats, David did a 10 week Epidemilogy course with Hongkong University. Conclusion: epidemiology not a science, just a fair hunch


loc49 loc47 loc44 loc45
Before Gout & on non bridge days!! a sip of Cava with lunch . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Our 1st taste of freedom, day 49

By Lockdown 49 ( maybe 'Lockdown plus walks 49 or Restricted 49' ) we were permitted, as seniors, to venture outside the house for an hour between 10-12 or 7-8. For 2 days we had some glorious long walks, then the Gout struck: David was in such pain that he thought he had a broken ankle. So a daring journey with me driving ( ho, ho, ho,... what have we here, 2 in a car?) to the doctors and returned with a diagnosis and 2 sets of pills: the first lot reduced the pain but knocked the rest of his body for six, so threw them and settled down with the other set. Unfotrunately no shoes were truly comfy after this, so I continued alone with an hourly brisk evening walk up in the campo : the bird song was fantastic

loc42 loc46 loc41 loc43 loc48
Just testing the facemasks- difficult to breathe! . . . . . . . . . . . An ever changing scene from our balcony: noticed how people were ignoring lockdown!


loc50 loc51 loc52
And even the firefighters had to train - or maybe they were just providing entertainment for the incarcerated ?



Then we approached Lockdown 58, alias ' Restricted 58': but was the municipality of Teulada part of the Denia health region?, & was this excluded from Phase 1. Eureka... it was not excluded, but now the question was 'Are seniors allowed to visit outside cafes outside their permitted walk slot'?? They were indeed.

loc59 loc59a loc59b
Restricted 59: our 1st outing,lunch at Cafe 19. Odd goings on with a birthday group of 12 Germans!

Tried to rally up some other tales of Lockdown from JBC members: received an account from Nick Fitzgerald in Peru that inspired me to continue with this project, though a few members obviously were agin it! Time will see if it succeeds

As we have only Spanish TV here (Netflix in Malta!)  I have been enjoying lots of streamed shows on Youtube: all the Andrew Lloyd Webber ones- my sort of music!! -, some national theatre ones- an excellent Jane Eyre, Frankenstein and A Streetcar named Desire, and Royal Opera ones. I also watched Fiddler on the Roof from the Valletta theatre- a bit hazy though: another one coming up soon from there- Cinderella. And now, Lockdown 69 , I am watching the Sound of Music again after more than 50 years since seeing it in Oxford: this time not the Julie Andrews .version.

On Restricted 63 we met up with Carol in Sensatez - the only customers for lunch : what bliss to chat to someone other than David again after 63 days !! We felt so sorry for the restaurant owners: they could have been us 14 years earlier!


Online Bridge continued- Swiss Teams now added by Sarah: a nightmare for Maria trying to get 8 people to agree a time to play! But she managed it. After the 1st match, on Restricted 66, in which our team with Jean & Jim were beaten by Sheila's team with Renate & Rod, David and I hurried out for a 10 day shop and then some very good Tapas down at Select, a restaurant we had never honoured with our presence before: we will be going back there! The other seven customers were all Spaniards, seemed to know each other, though not well, and exchanged hand shakes and generally got too near to each other!

Then on Restricted 67. six months of hair growth was removed down at New Look: what bliss!

before. new-look .newlook2 .after

Lockdown 70 saw us having a very pleasant lunch down at the Food Company, gorgeous food and really good views


As most of Spain prepared to go into Phase 2 on Lockdown 72, Valencia's President decided he was happy with Phase 1 so did not send his weekly health figures to Madrid : but actually very little diference between these phases, mostly that restaurants could open inside as well as outside

More training of fire fighting planes was eye catching


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