I can tell you I am feeling trapped (we cancelled a trip, which was a real disappointment) and I think we've all had about enough of this but there's no choice but to trust that things will open up safely when they are safe to do so.     It's starting to happen gradually here but how long will it take before we can be confident to carry on as before is anyone's guess.   I hate that everyone is afraid of each other now.    We do a wide circle on the path if someone is coming toward us and stay 6 feet away from anyone in the stores.    We are supposed to wear masks in the stores but not everyone does.   My friend made a couple for Colin and I but they're hot and uncomfortable.   I guess you get used to it but it must be so hard for the health care workers to have to wear all that gear at work.

I go to our grocery to shop once a week at senior's hour (7-8 am) and to the drug store occasionally.    We get takeout every 10 days or so.   It's a change and supports the local restaurants.    The parks are closed for parking but we're so lucky to have great parks by Lake Ontario to walk in every day.    Gas is cheap but there's nowhere to go!

It's become like the joke - covid-19 has turned us all into dogs - we roam the house all day looking for food, we're told to stay away from strangers and get all excited about a ride in the car.

Toronto 10/5/2020

My wife and I are also fine here in Nanaimo, British Columbia. There were never any restrictions on our movements. I was very lucky to have arrived back from Bogota, Colombia, on March 12. A week later and I might have had to endure the 14-day compulsory isolation anyone arriving in Canada from abroad now has to endure. As it was, I was only asked to self-isolate voluntarily for two weeks, which I did.

Of course, this crisis has ruined my travel plans for 2020. I should be in Newcastle upon Type today on a two-week bus trip around the UK prior to a package tour to Abkhazia. The tour operator (Undiscovered Destinations) has rescheduled the Abkhazia trip for 2021, same time same place. National Express and Premier Inn in the UK were very good about refunding my prepaid bookings in full. In June we were supposed to have sailed to Svalbard with Silversea but of course we had to cancel. We also cancelled the Silversea Grand Mediterranean cruise scheduled for August. They have promised to refund out cruise fares by June 14 (three-month delay). We're still booked with Silversea for Lisbon to Reykjavik in June 2-021 and have out fingers crossed.

I'm starting to wonder if an effective vaccine will ever be developed. The only alternative is "herd immunity" and that would put us in the danger zone.

British Colombia 10/5/2020

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