Anne Muir


For the first week of lock down, I was feeling very unsettled, and thought it was going to be very difficult to handle. 
Then I found I began to relax, and go with the flow. Did not have any pressure on myself, and I was able to paint more, read 
a lot of books that I had been meaning to read for some time, and play cards with Michael.  All of a sudden the time was flying
 by, and not enough hours in the day. We both kept very cheerful, and had many laughs. Did miss seeing my friends, but we all 
kept in touch on What’s App, or Skype, some days finding it difficult to keep up with everybody!!!  Wonder if life will ever
 get back to how it was, think it will be awhile before we will feel comfortable in crowds, so going to the cinema or theatre 
is a long way off.  Think the lock down has made a lot of people change their priorities, as to what is important and what
 not, which is no bad thing.

A M 20/5/2020



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