Anita Dixon


I have not ventured out much at all, leaving John to do the shopping and any essential journeys. Like many others, I now have so much free time and few excuses not to catch up with the chores around the house. I am good at finding alternatives though! one of those being working on the JBC website and developing online play. Everyday I try to chat with my Spanish intercambio friend in the hope that we will both come out the other side of this situation fluent in English and Spanish. 🤞

Sadly, many friends have had extremely difficult situations to deal with, so, I feel very fortunate that my immediate concerns have been much more mundane, such as, when will I get some proper exercise and my new internet connection be installed so I can communicate with the world and perhaps watch some Netflix. ¡Well a girl can dream! My intercambio and I already have my connection party planned as a huge event on the future calendar. 

A D Moraira ~ 30/4/2020

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