Life in 2020

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Within a day of returning from Malta we went to a special dinner at the Dauphin


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6 wines were supplied by a Valencia bodega. Once it started, the food was great. Bert & Caterina were welcoming hosts

Then on January 21st we went to the Opera in Valencia


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We sorrowfully said goodbye to Lausanne Ted, purchased on 1/1/1973- he had become just too frail. And there was a rockfall down the road

Margaret & Sally came to stay for a few days at the start of February

Valentine's Day was celebrated at the JBC

Then the following week we went to Berlin for 5 days

An AGM was held on 29/2/2020 at JBC: Maria stood down and Pat took over the Presidency again

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Fraser presenting flowers to Maria
Chris Batt & Pat in the kitchen
2 delicious soups for lunch afterwards

A 3 day visit to the Serra de Montsant, Catalonia in late February

Pacho's men cleared a bit of greenery!

Then the world turned mad and we were put in strict Lockdown here in Spain from the 14/3/2020 due to the worldwide spread of the Coronavirus, Covid 19 : unable to leave the house other than to go to the supermarket or chemist, and then only one at a time . We were the only house occupied of the 14 in Media Luna.

Planned breaks: in Astorias, later in March, for a 10 day Intensive Spanish course; in Malta for 2 weeks over Easter: from Lisbon to Dublin on the Silver Cloud in May: and likely St Petersberg in July - all abandonned

Finally, even though Coronavirus had still not been defeated, interprovincial travel was allowed again on June 21st- alias Lockdown 99 or the New Normal 1- and the following day we travelled to Asturias for a 10 day Spanish Immersion course


Chris Grant