Sheen 1975 & 1976

We moved from Woking into 33 West Temple Sheen on 11/11/1975, the coldest day of the year. Removers were not happy and I had to call the office to ask David to come home early!!

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sheen2 sheen3 sheen6 sheen7 sheen4 sheen5
Stephen at Chessington. His birthday tea at the Sopers. Di, Tony & Thomas with us in Richmond Park



sheen14 sheen8 75-ham1 jo-soper
Jo. Di in Sheen study . A visit to Chessington Zoo with the Sopers: Srephen, Joanna Soper, Nicola, Gillian & Chris


  sheen9 sheen10 sheen11 sheen12
Joanna was christened at East Sheen Church in January 1976. Gillian and Tony were her godparents.





Chris Grant