Germany Christmas 1974-May 1975

We moved to Friedrichsdorf, near Bad Homburg on 23/12/1974. Joanna, born prematurely on 28/9/1974 in Clinique Las Charmettees in Lausanne, had been released from Intensive Care a week earlier, and we had stayed in Verbier for a week, so that David could ski. . David had been working in Frankfurt since the start of October, commuting on a weekly basis from there to Lausanne. He had found us a lovely flat and equiped it from Ikea

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There was a lovely playground down below the flat and we used to explore the surrounding scenic towns and countryside each weekend..


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In May 1975, David was appointed Marketting Director in the UK ( after a near posting to Nigeria!) and we moved back to our house in Woking.


Chris Grant