Switzerland 1973 & 1974

The following photos extracted from slides in 2006 just before we left Cornwall for Spain.

Stephen was born 11/11/1973 in Clinique Las Charmettes, Lausanne.

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We then lived in a room at The Residence Hotel before renting a flat in Verbier, where I took skiing lessons, with my mother coming out to look after Stephen
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First photos taken at Verbier when Stephen was 4-6 weeks old, then ones taken at the company flat where we lived from 18/12/1973 onwards for a year

I then broke my leg on 18/12/1973, on the last day in Verbier, just before returning to Lausanne to take possession of the long awited flat! I was in hospital for 6 weeks, Stephen joining me after a couple of weeks . David and his secretary, Beatrice, looked after him in the interim

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My parents spent Christmas in our flat in Lausanne, but my mother blamed David for my accident, so not a happy time! - hence no photos?

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David's parents came over when I came out of hospital, still on crutches for several weeks
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The company flat, overlooking Lac Leman, was really luxurious - worth the wait after the awful bedsits that we had been offered!


ste24 ste25 ste26 ste28 ste28
A jazzy company car to ferry around our new addition
ste30 ste31 ste34 ste35 ste35
On the balcony of the luxurious flat


ste27 ste29 ste32 ste33  


ste36 ste37 ste39 ste40 ste41
A cheerful, contented baby
ste42 ste43 ste44 ste45 ste45
And a beautiful city in which to live


ste42 ste47 ste52 ste53


ste48 ste49 ste50 ste51 ste52
Down near Lac Leman
ste54 ste54 ste55 ste56 ste58
Up in the meadows near Verbier- probably in May 1974

We took a short break along the Canal du Midi in the Spring of 1974.


Chris Grant