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1968-1971. Bought 4 houses, one at a time, in Oxford. Went up to Oxford most weekends, directly after work, and converted them into student bedsits, returning late on the Sunday night. Owned these houses until about 1977, probably using the money to help buy Springwells

I started work for BOAC at the start of January 1969. Much of my almost 5 years there was spent programming to obtain official clearance for Blind landings of 747s. I worked for Martin Laycock, , the overall section boss being Norman ; other colleagues/friends were Nigel , Larry and Pat. I drove to Terminal 3 at Heathrow every day in our Imp van, and, later, in a red mini; the spiral ramp of the multi storey carpark was a daily challenge!

I started to play amateur bridge whilst eating my packed lunch. One's work all had to be punched out on cards to be submitted each evening to the huge Leo computer. I often worked overtime to speed the project along, and I could then claim this time back as holiday. After being there a year I was entitled to 10% staff travel for myself, David and my parents ; we made good use of it.

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Early 1969 John Steedman got married to Tove Almdahl, from Trodheim : unfortunately the marriage did not survive and he remarried Sarah Dalton in 1977

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1969. Had a package holiday in Tunisia where we met Joyce & Richard, Gillian & Nicola Soper . More details


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Schoolfriend Sally Maynard married fellow dentist Geoff Craig

. Spent at least one Christmas at Killinchy

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