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June saw us taking our Physics Finals, celebrated in a suitable form

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Then got married in Pembroke College Chapel just 10 days after Finals


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My mother made my dress and the wedding cake. David persuaded the Bursar to allow us to have the wedding in Pembroke Chapel, and the use of the Hall for the reception and he arranged all the catering. Robert played the organ, and I think a friend did the flowers . The Rev Ed persuaded me to 'obey'!

We were actually married officially the previous day in Oxford Registry Office- to save £50!


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We stayed for 2 nights at the Weston Manor Hotel, quite close to Oxford- unknown luxury!. We slept in 'Mad Maud's' room

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Then we went back to Ashton for a night or two before setting off on our 6 week camping trip to Turkey in our new Comer Imp van, FWL 895E

Our route took us through Istanbul, then across the Bosphorus


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. Travelling there we often camped in the wild- to save money: we reckoned on spending £1 per day, either on petrol when travelling or food when stationary, We did have 2 boxes of basic food with us, and also some home baked cakes, of which we would have a slice after dark. One highlight was Pamukkale wth its hot themal pools - we splashed out here and took a hotel room, costing £1. Such bliss!. We were warned only to stay in official campsites- but there were only 5 of those in the whole country!



Spent 6 weeks away, returing in time to start our new jobs at Unilever and English Electric, and to move into our first house, 27 Northcote Road, New Malden : this cost £3900 . We took possession of it & moved into it in September after our first week at work, me as a programer with English Electric above Whiteleys, Queensway,Bayswater; David on the Unilever Training Scheme with Lever Bros. in Fleet Street . Both firms had paid a hotel bill for this first week at work. Our neighbours had facilitated a bed being delivered: apart from that we had the 2 trunks and their contents that we had had at Oxford. We hired a snader and planed and varnished all the floors, having had at least one rug as a wedding present. Then each month, with 2 salaties of ~£1000 each in the bank, we installed 4 storage heaters & acquired an extra piece of furniture. Within a couple of years we were quite cosy and David made a superb wardrobe for our bedroom

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