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I celebrated my 21st birthday in the Dean's flat , where Jill & Linda had their lodgings in the 2nd Year. I was much further out in digs in Hamilton Road

21-7. . 21-1 . .party

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In the Summer term there was a Ball at Pembroke, with the Who and Manfred Mann

ball1 .ball2 .brian-pat .chris3. ball

David bought an old blue mini, NVV 376, and I managed to park it outside the Proctor's Office!!: undergraduates were not allowed cars in Oxford!! . We got up early on May Day and drove to Stonehenge to see the sun rise- not a soul!

stone1 . stone2 .stone3

In the summer vacation we drove down to Greece, camping, for 6 weeks. The car broke down coming down the Gross Glockner, but was eventually repaired: whilst waiting for it we watched the England v.Germany football final in a local bar- surrounded by supporters for Germany!! .



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For my final year I was in the Vaughan Block at Somerville

vaughan . .vaughan3 . vaughan2 .jane

vaughan .1966-ox1 .mags-lin .

jane-mags .

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In the summer months we punted during the week, studied at weekends!

vaughan4 . ashton-bed

My bedroom/study at Ashton. A lot of studying was done in the vacatons, after the house had been dusted!!

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