Holidays from 1965 -2007

1965. David cycled to Switzerland with Graham & Mike, Then Hazel & Paul lent us their car and we drove down to Perranporth and camped with Gill & Martin

1966. David bought an old blue mini, NVV 376, and we drove down to Greece, camping, for 6 weeks. The car broke down coming down the Gross Glockner, but was eventually repaired.

1967. We spent 2 nights at Weston Manor after our wedding , then drove down to Turkey in our new Comer Imp van, FWL 895E. Spent 6 weeks away, returing in time to start our new jobs at Unilever and English Electric, and to move into our first house, 27 Northcote Road, New Malden .

wed1 .wed2

1968-1971. Bought 4 houses, one at a time, in Oxford. Went up to Oxford most weekends, directly after work, and converted them into student bedsits, returning late on the Sunday night. Owned these houses until about 1977, probably using the money to help buy Springwells

1968. Drove up to the North Cape and back down through Finland, camping- all in 2-3 weeks

1969. Had a package holiday in Tunisia where we met Joyce & Richard, Gillian & Nicola

1970. Flew round the world courtesy of BOAC staff travel - I had started working there as a programer on 1/1/1969. We visited Hawai ( off loaded!) Fiji, New Zealand , Australia & Hongkong. Sold New Malden and moved to Woking

wok1 , wok2

1970-1973. All courtesy of staff travel: visited Barbados several times, also Antigua: visited Kenya several times, escorted children back to London; visited Uncle Len in Jo'burg, then drove from Cape Town up the Garden Route, Swaziland, Kruger & into Rhodesia, Bullawayo and Victoria Falls, meeting up with Nigel & Alison; went on the Lindblad Explorer from Mombasa to the Seychelles( before there was an airport there) , Aldabra, Zanzibar; went on the Lindblad Explorer from Jakarta to Bali, Timor,Papua New Guinea in May 1973, being 4 months pregnant

1973-1974. Lived in Lausanne. Broke my leg skiing in December 1973- Stephen just 6 weeks old!. Had a holiday on the Canal du Midi about May 1974.

1974-1975. Moved to Friedrechsdorf in Germany- after Joanna was released from Intensive Care in December 1974, first spending a week in Verbier.

1975. Returned to England in May. Sold Woking and moved to West Sheen in November

1976. Holidayed with the children in France near Aigues Mort

1977. Sold Sheen and bought our first hotel in Steyning. Holidayed with children in Vale de Lobo in Portugal in the November

1978. Family holiday of 2 weeks in California in November

1980. Sold Steyning and had 4 months off; went to Ireland and camped in France. Moved into grounds of Kirkby Fleetham in September

1982. Family holiday in Florida, Texas & New Orleans?

1983. Family holiday

1983. Went to St Kitts & Nevis

1984. Family holiday in January. St Eustatius & Saba in November .

1985. Family holiday in Morocco in January. Mustique in November.

1986. Family holiday in Barbados in January . Visited Joyce & Richard in Conneticut in May. . New Zealand in November

1987. Family holiday in Kenya ( Luxury x 6) in January. Christmas in Grenada with the family- KFH just sold

1988. Camper van in Australia end January 1988. . Family holiday on Canal du Midi at Easter. Boat holiday in Argyll May. French language course in Artemare with Stephen in July. Family holiday in Orlando in August . 3 weeks camping in Brittany, Loire & Dordogne in September . Moved into Chadlington Manor in October

1990. Tobago January. 5 days at Pelynt, Cornwall with Joanna, pre Easter. Feringhi Beach November 1990.

1991. A week in the Gambia in December

1992? Asia Pattaya Hotel ( Royal Cliff!) Thailand . Fuerta Ventura appartment in December

1995. Regency Cha Am, Thailand in January

1996. Jadini Beach, Mombasa in January . 2 weeks in France ,then a week at OU Course in Caen before time in Cork & the Burren, Ireland- summer, having sold Chadlington. Started at Corisande Manor, Newquay in September

1998 The Boat House in Koh Samui in January. Penang Mutiara in November

1999. The Imperial, Koh Samui

2000. Rasa Sayang, Penang in January. Sabah, Borneo in November.

2001. Australia: Perth, Kalgoolie, Albany, Margaret River in January. Cook Islands in November

2002. Casa del Mar, Langkawi in January . Pimalai , Ko Lanta, in November

2003. P & O Cruise up the Amazon- January. New Zealand: 10 days each in the Boat House,near Waitangi; in Queenstown & then outside Napier in November

2004. ? Mangosteen, Phuket. Bought Moraira in April. Spent 3 months there November - February 2005

2005. Again spent 3-4 months in Spain over Christmas

2006 . Again went to Spain well before Christmas, then decided not to reopen Corisande. David cycled from Seville to Santiago in October

2007. 12 days in the Sarojin, Phuket before 5 weeks on the Star Flyer from there to Athens, via Goa, Safaga, Egypt, Sharm el Sheik. Back to Corisande in May Then 3 weeks in Ireland - Kinsale, Teryglass & Kilfenora. A week in Krakow in July- for Paul's wedding . After this David's cycling trip along the Pyrenees & Patagonia