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Having been given the option of taking Prelims in March 1964, or of taking Mods once up at Oxford, in the summer of 1965 : I chose the former, and thus returned to school for the winter term of 1964 to study for these. Was recommended to read Feynmann's books by Somerville. Once I had taken prelims I went to work in Paintons, down in Kingsthorpe. I was meant to be helping the physicist there, but spent most of the 12 weeks wiring and soldiering resistors!- it did give me an insight into how deadly boring factory work was. But I was working with a nice bunch of ladies and going out a couple of times a week with David Dicks.

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School Photo taken June 1964, 3 months after I had left!- but shows the teachers, and Sally, Margaret , Ann Hollowell & Jane Green


Mrs Gee, Miss Marsden, Miss Sinton, Mrs Nichols, Miss Willis, ?, Miss Line


Miss Jaques, ?, Miss Moore, ? Mrs Richards, Miss Harrison


Sally, Margaret & Ann Hollowell


Jane Green & Miss Middleton

Dad was Master of the Honor Dei Lodge that year

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Hazel married Paul Richardson on 29/7/1964 in New College Chapel. I was a bridesmaid

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wedd1 p-h chris-maid
Arriving in the college- Dad & Hazel
Paul, Hazel & Dad
Chris & Hazel


aud-clive den-joyce hazel wedd2  
Clive & Audrey
Dennis & Joyce
Mum & Hazel
richardsons chris-sally c-h chris-dicks  
Eileen, J & D
Chris & Sally
Chris & Hazel
Chris &David Dicks


maynards bridesmaids group
Paul's parents & Chris
Maz, Christine Grange & Chris
Harry, Eva, Harold, Hilda, Joyce & Eileen


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