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We moved from Woodford to Ashton, Northamptonshire on 6/1/1958. My mother was extremely unhappy with this move ( even though Dad's job at Whichelows was doomed- the tannery finally shut ~1960) and Hazel stayed with the Granges, our Woodford neighbours, for 2 school terms, to complete her O Levels at WCHS.

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I started at Northampton High School: the authorities had placed me at Towcester Comprehensive School but Dad managed to persuade them to pay for NHS, which was a direct grant school, charging fees ,


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My grandfather died in April of this year: I remember attending his funeral down near Ilford, wearing a black armband on my dull pink coat

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Our first holiday abroad was to Sweden in the summer of 1958. We went by ferry from Ipswich? to the Hook of Holland, then drove north to Copenhagen, staying there a night or two, then over on a ferry to Malmo, from whence to Gothenburg where Dad;s laether friends, Lars & Harriet Gunnarson, lived. Harriet was a doctor and they had 2 small sons, Gunnar & Torsten?? We stayed with them for several nights: we ate local crayfish and raspberries( bursting with maggots) from their garden . They took us round Stockholm and round a folk village called Dalecarlia . I was so excited to be abroad and wrote a long detailed letter about everything we did to Margaret. Years later, ~ 2007?? - she copied this out for me - but the copy has been been lost for many years

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A trial run in the caravan to Dyffyrn, Wales. Tempers were frayed as all the crockery went flying as Dad navigated narrow Welsh lanes!

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