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garden1 . garden2.

Worcester Crescent back garden

lars2 . lars1 . lars3

Lars Hall- a Swede. We had a day in Cambridge

 Lars Hall on a gold medal for modern pentathlon in the Helsinki Olympics. He stayed with us for some weeks in order to 
learn English. Hazel and I took him to the fair thinking that with his shooting skills he was sure to win all the prizes on
 the shooting range. In fact he didn’t win any as they bend the sights. Hazel thinks he was a relative of the Gunnarson but
 was not in the leather trade. He also won a gold at the Melbourne Olympics.  has a stamp in my collection 
commemorating him.


guide1 . guide2 . east

Guide canp at St Audries Bay, Somerset. I was in the guides at Woodford High, as was Hazel: but she in Brussels for 6 weeks with the Brandeleers . Hazel & Chris in Eastbourne - was this a family holiday??

Hazel- any more photos of WCHS?

woodford high



school1 . school2 . school3

Chris, Hazel, Pam? . . . . . . . . . . . Hazel Lyons . . . . . . . . .Diane, Monica & Chris



3rd row back, from the left: Diana Hole, Ann Haynes, Hazel ?, ?, Sandy?, Chris, Pam?, ?, ?, Pamela Smith, ?, Jennifer Hyde,?, Kay,. . . . . .Gillian Leonard(plaits)

Some of this row enlarged below

from the rt, 2nd row from the back: ?, Hazel, Spud, Sophie


I'd had my long hair cur late 1956 or early 1957: I think Hazel was cheesed off with Miss Spill telling her to tidy my plaits at the start of Guides, after a long day at school

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