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We had a party for our birthdays each year and our mother worked really hard on the food, and our father with the entertainment. One year a ~11 year turned up with the, maybe, 7 year old sister and announced that her gran had ordered her to stay for the whole time!. Dad also did a game which invioved pulling a rug away fro under you - for some reason this terrified me

Dad travelled abroad a lot as sales director of Whichelow's Tannery . A treat was going to Northolt airport to wave him off, and watch the planes! There were usually presnts for us on his return. From Australia I got a sheep and Hazel Rosemary, a large doll: she still has her, whereas the sheep, albeit a trifle sad by then, must have been discarded from my dressing table when I left Ashton in 1967 ( my mother was always wanting to throw my 'junk', that I had left there, away)


Chris & Hazel in Herongate back garden
Hazel on the red trike with Rosemary
Sheep and Bonzo- likely 1949

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1948-where ? . . . .. . . . . .

We apparently got green paint (from some railings) on the above two, almost new, light blue coats( with matching hats). We were sent to Sunday school at St Gabriels, so this presumably happened on a Sunday! Money was tight and rationing still existed from the war, and our mother had a fierce temper (or so it always appeared to me). My mother and Nan made all our clothes: we hated standing still on the morning room table whilst the hems were marked with a piece of chalk and a stick


Map showing Herongate Road & Endsleigh Gardens where my grandparents lived. I used to walk to see Nan through Valentines Park, with Hazel in charge of me: Grampy was usually at work.

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